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Vision & Mission

'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.' The seeds of this institution was implanted in the minds of those local people of Nabagram who believed in the tremendous impact of Education in transformation and progress of society. Inspired by such noble vision Nabagram Education Society was formed whose aim was to take all necessary steps to form a Govt. aided College that would provide quality and affordable higher Education to the people of the entire block. Sri Amar Chand Kundu , a famous Social worker and an eminent educationist also came forward and shared the vision of the common people. The collective effort of all such noble hearted people was rewarded when the institution was established in 2009 under the Govt. order no. 375-Edn(C.S)/4C-11/09 dated 01/07/2009 by the Higher Department Education of West Bengal.Since then it has taken giant steps towards revolutionizing the academic atmosphere of the entire block. Assisted by a group of highly educated and motivated faculty pool and devoted non teaching-staff the college has been in continuous pursuit of the following mission:

▀ To provide access to Higher Education to a wider community of students
▀ To ensure free, secular and democratic environment in which students from all sections can exchange their views and build themselves as responsible citizens of the country
▀ To provide value based education that would instill among the students a deep sense of social responsibility.

From the Principal's Desk

Nabagram Amar Chand Kundu College started its glorious journey from the year 2009, with great potential and immense opportunities. This college is situated at Nabagram in the district of Murshidabad, about 25 km away in the West from its main city Berhampore, in the state of West Bengal in India. It is hoped that this college, harmonizing tradition and modernity, will emerge as a unique institution of higher studies. The college offers undergraduate courses in Arts subjects only. It offers honours in Bengali, History, Education and English; General/Programme courses in Bengali, History, Education, English, Political Science, Sanskrit and Arabic. It is affiliated to the university of Kalyani. The college is named after a great Educationist and Businessman Sri Amar Chand Kundu. Nabagram Amar Chand Kundu College was established with sincere intention to uplift the educationally backward classes and minority communities of the locality by way of promoting higher learning to them. We believe in Swami Vivekananda’s liberal idea that education is not mere accumulation of information but a “life building, man-making, character-making assimilation of ideas” As a Principal of the college, I am committed to an all round development of this college by way of developing a well knit fabric among its faculty members, office staff, students who were and are associated with this college.

Dr. Soumitra Kar, PhD, Principal, Nabagram Amar Chand Kundu College

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