"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change  the world "
                                          Nelson Mandela
 "Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it Today"
                                               Malcom X
"জ্বালানে সে  দীপ জ্বালতে হে,খিলানে সে ফুলখিলতে হে, নাহি অকত কিসমতকে ভরসে জিনেকা কিসমত ভি বদল যাতে হে।"
"If you don't have to burn books to destroy a culture,just get people to stop reading them"
                                             Ray Broadbury
Dept of Education started its journey in 2009 with the Foundation of Nabagram Amar Chand kundu College. All along this subject is very popular among the student.  With the passage of time  and the earnest enthusiasm of the  College authority, this Dept  got its  paramount figure by introducing Honours course in 2018  and has become the most demanding course of the college. It has 60 intake capacity.the student of this department  made  a remarkable impression in Murshidabad District in the arena of  Defence service,police service and different competitive exams. This Dept has an enriched library with 500 Books and 15 Psychological test  with two Efficient  Faculty.


M.A.(Education); M.Ed

State Aided College Teacher - II

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